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Kevin Thomas Kehl brings nearly two decades of Live Television Production to the world of UFOlogy with his keen eye and professional edge and insight..

Kevin has both directed and produced videos for some of the most well known corporate giants and Television personalities in America.

He is adept in all aspects of video production.and has had great success as a videographer, audio engineer, stage manager, director and producer for his entire adult life

Being a dedicated entrepreneur, Kevin has implemented his vast experience and knowledge in starting his own production company, Kehl Studios & Close Encounter Productions to name a few.

His experience enables him to understand what can be accomplished from both sides of the lens, making him a valuable and rare asset.

Kevin is no stranger to the world of UFOs, extraterrestrials and the paranormal having produced the television show Enigmatic Anomalies, EA-Radio and starting the Enigmatic Anomaly Research Society group (EARS).

His love for the strange and the anomalous led him to become a MUFON Field Investigator and now provides A/V support for MUFON meetings in his home state of Florida.